Keep Missouri EV Friendly

Contact your Missouri Senator Today

We need your help! Ask your state senator to vote NO on SB825 to keep Missouri EV friendly!

Thank you for being a vital part of the Clean Charge Network success story. Our area has been one of the fastest growth communities for electric vehicle (EV) adoption in the US thanks to you and the development of our 1,000+ charging network. But we believe there is more to do, and now we need your help! 

If Missouri Senate Bill 825 passes, it will severely limit that way the Clean Charge Network funds and builds new EV charging stations in our state, and we think that’s a bad idea. 

Here’s why:

Limits Long-Distance Travel: Halts our plans to build out EV charging along our highway systems

Reduce Convenience: Limits expanding our fast-charging network

Stops Innovation: Prevents us from updating equipment to the newest charging technology

Speed Bumps to EV Growth: Loss of an important tool to stimulate EV adoption

Prevents Partnerships: Restrains ability to support other charging networks, like Tesla or Electrify America, with grid connecting equipment

So, we’re asking for your help: Email Committee Chairman Wayne Wallingford, and let the Committee know why they should vote NO on SB825. Our area is a more innovative and sustainable place to live, work and visit because of your support.

We’ve given you a start on your email. Feel free to customize it and include your reasons why you oppose SB825. In fact, please do. It’s much better that way.

Need more info?

Learn more about SB825—and how it affects you.