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Research multiple EV models.


Which electric car is perfect for you?

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EV 101

Learn about the basics of electric vehicles

“When you are in my car and you well it drives, the fuel savings and the environmental benefits? Buying a gas-powered car would feel like going backward.”

Meet an EV Driver: Colleen Gerke

“It's amazing how peaceful it is to drive without the noise and vibration of a combustible engine. It doesn't jerk or shift as you accelerate."

Meet an EV Driver: Lien Russell

Lien Russell

“I did a lot of price comparisons when I was shopping for my car, and I found an EV was the same price as the other cars I was looking at. And, when you factor in the gas savings, it’s even cheaper.”

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Meet an EV Driver: Cranston Cederlind

Cranston Cederlind

“My biggest surprise is how much FUN it is. It’s a joy to drive, with great handling, braking, acceleration and the bonus of no engine noise.”

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Meet an EV Driver: Andy Fry

Andy Fry

“In the future, people may not have as much of an emotional connection to their cars, especially if those cars are autonomous. It will more about selecting the transportation ‘tool’ that best fits the need.”

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