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“When you are in my car and you well it drives, the fuel savings and the environmental benefits? Buying a gas-powered car would feel like going backward.”

Meet an EV Driver: Colleen Gerke

“It's amazing how peaceful it is to drive without the noise and vibration of a combustible engine. It doesn't jerk or shift as you accelerate."

Meet an EV Driver: Randy Clayton

Randy Clayton

“I don’t like spending time in service centers, so it’s nice the only thing that’s needed during the first 150,000 miles is rotating the tires.”

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Meet an EV Driver: Lisa Larson

Lisa Larson-Bunnell

“What a tremendous gift the Clean Charge Network has been to the community. There are more places to charge along with more premium parking spaces than almost anywhere else in the country.”

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Meet an EV Driver: Zachery Andresen

Zachery Andresen

“No money on gas and I get to help save the environment? It just makes sense. I really think everyone should embrace new technology; it’s the future of transportation.”

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