Home Electric Vehicle Charging Rebates

Residential EV Charging Rebate

Ready to take your charging to the next level?

Get up to $500 towards the installation of home electric vehicle charging.

Available in Kansas




Install a 240v outlet or hardwired charging station.

Available in Kansas.

Available in Kansas
Available in Missouri



REBATE and Time of Use Plan

Install a 240v outlet or hardwired charging station, and sign up for a Time of Use Rate.

Available in Kansas and Missouri.

The EV Charging Rebate provides up to $250 toward the cost of having a 240-volt outlet or a hardwired charging station installed at your home for electric vehicle (EV) charging. Combine the rebate with enrollment in one of Evergy’s EV or Time of Use Rate Plans to receive a rebate of up to $500, and potentially save money on your monthly energy usage.

How to Qualify for the Rebate.

  • 1. Get an Electric Vehicle.

    Own or lease an EV and be able to provide registration documentation matching the address where the installation occurred.

  • 2. Bring in an Electrician.

    Have a licensed electrician install a 240v NEMA 14-50 outlet or a hardwired charging station at your home and provide an installation receipt. You must apply for a rebate within 6 months of installation.

  • 3. Add a Time of Use Plan.

    Enroll in a Time of Use Plan to get a rebate of up to $500. Missouri residents must be enrolled in a Time of Use Plan to be eligible for a rebate.

  • 4. Get Paid.

    Apply for a rebate and get paid. 

What is a Time of Use Plan?

We reward you for charging outside of high demand times when electricity is more costly to produce. If you charge during off-peak times, we'll pass on the savings to you. On weekends and holidays, you always save.

Time of Use Rate Charts

Check evergy.com for times for your area.

Why Upgrade to 240-Volt Charging?

Charge faster and more efficiently.

Electric vehicles can charge on a standard 110 volt (level 1) American outlet, but it can take many hours to replenish lost mileage.  Upgrading to a 240 volt (level 2), like the outlet for your electric dryer, equipment provides charging that is 5 times quicker and 15% more efficient than level 1 charging. An EV can replenish more miles in a fraction of the time, letting you charge when and how you want.

Level 1 (120-volt outlet)

8 Hours

Charge Time

40 Miles of Range

Level 2 (240-volt outlet)

1 1/2 Hours

Charge Time

40 Miles of Range

Schedule your charging.

Now that your vehicle can fully charge in a shorter amount of time, use the scheduling feature on your car or level 2 charger to set your EV to charge during the overnight hours. Simply plug in your vehicle when you get home, and set it to charge overnight.

Better utilize renewable energy sources.

Did you know that between 8 pm and 6 am, when electric vehicles typically charge, is the time when wind energy sources are at their highest utilization in the grid? The energy you are putting in your vehicle is clean, renewable, and reducing your carbon footprint even further.

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