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The Evergy Clean Charge Network

Charge up at 1,000+ stations where you shop, work and play.

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Say goodbye to range anxiety! Covering the greater Kansas City metro, Eastern Kansas and Eastern-Central Kansas, the Clean Charge Network makes the area one of the best places in the U.S. to drive electric.

Join the network by simply creating a ChargePoint account. You'll immediately be able to start charging using the ChargePoint app and receive your RFID cards in the mail. Plus you'll enjoy exclusive benefits such as:

Invitations to special events.

News updates about the network and the EV community.

Access to our growing network of charging locations.

EV driver swag, like t-shirts and more!

Evergy Clean Charge Network ChargePoint Card

The network, in your home garage.

If you have a 120-volt outlet (aka a basic 3-prong in most homes), you're ready to charge the moment you arrive at home with your new electric vehicle – no special equipment needed.

Learn how to use a public charger.

Charging up an electric vehicle while you're out and about is as easy and tapping your phone or card and plugging in. Learn more about how public chargers work with our step-by-step guide.

Electric vehicle charging stations are convenient, affordable and easy to use.

About the Network

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    Bye-Bye Range Anxiety.

    Covering the greater Kansas City metro, Eastern Kansas and Eastern-Central Kansas, the Clean Charge Network makes it easy to drive electric in our area, with the peace of mind that you can charge up when you need to. 

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    Powered by 100% Renewable Energy.

    Electric vehicles' fuel keeps getting cleaner, with every public charging station in our area powered by renewable sources. Plus, Evergy has a plan to work towards an 85% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions by 2035 by making significant investments in renewable energy, including the addition of 660 megawatts of wind to our generation portfolio. 

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    Interstate Travel Made Easy.

    You'll find charging stations at rest stops and businesses right off the major interstates around the Kansas and Missouri region. Using a fast charger, you can add enough range to get to your next destination in the time it takes to stretch your legs.


Reach out to us at cleancharge@evergy(dot)com or click the button below to send us a message.

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