Business Electric Vehicle Charging Rebates

BUSINESS EV Charging Rebates

Is your business ready to meet the needs of electric vehicle drivers?

Get a rebate of up to $65,000 towards the cost of installing charging at your place of business.

Available in Kansas
Available in Missouri

Charging rebates are now available in Kansas and Missouri!

Provide Charging for Your:

Electric Fleets


Rebate Up to


Up to ten level 2 smart charging ports and two DCFC smart charging units per site.

Electric Vehicle Charging for Workplaces


Rebate Up to


Up to ten level 2 smart charging ports per site.

Multifamily Homes


Rebate Up to


Up to ten level 2 smart charging ports per site.

Charging Rebates for Business


Rebate Up to


Up to six level 2 smart charging ports and two DCFC smart charging units per site.

3 Easy Steps to Apply for a Business EV Charging Rebate:

  • 1. Get Prepared:

    Review our application checklist on to get ready for your project.

  • 2. Get Pre-Approved:

    Fill out the application and wait for a preapproval notification from Evergy.

  • 3. Get Paid:

    Once charging stations are installed and in-service, complete application process with all required documentation.

Why install electric vehicle charging?

There are many benefits to offering electric vehicle charging, including helping your business along its path to meet sustainability goals, offering amenities to attract new employees and customers, and saving on your energy bill with our EV Business Rate Plan. Plus a Business EV Charging Rebate will significantly reduce the cost of installing charging stations!

Electric Fleets

Business fleets

EV Charging for your Fleets.

Lower your operation costs.

Due to lower maintenance and fueling costs, electrifying your fleet could save you money over the lifetime of your electric vehicles. And save even more by enrolling in our new EV Business Plan for fleet chargers.


EV Charging for your Employees.

Benefit to Employees.

Did you know that have workplace charging is a major deciding factor in whether drivers purchase electric vehicles? Installing chargers in your business parking lot allows your employees to charge during the day, reducing range anxiety.

Multifamily Homes

Multi-Family Living

EV Charging for your Tenants.

Retain current and attract new residents.

Providing EV charging stations as an amenity sets your business apart as a leading innovator, serving to attract new residents to your buildings. Current tenants of your building with electric vehicles will also be happier and more likely to stay with charging options provided.

Charging Rebates for Business

Public Charging

EV Charging for Your Customers.

Attract new customers.

By providing public charging stations, you’ll attract new customers who may not have visited your business location before.

Increase duration of visits.

EV drivers will spend time and money in your business, shopping or eating while their vehicle charges.

Get a rebate to install an EV charging outlet during new home construction.

Residential developers in Missouri get $250 to install a 240-volt outlet in a new home's garage.