Driver Profile

Cary Budach


Ford Focus Electric

Favorite EV Benefit

Economic, no-fume commute

I came upon a used electric car and was hooked after the first mile. It was a bonus to learn so many charging stations were being installed here in KC.
After spending a hot summer behind the wheel of a SUV with a broken air conditioner, Cary Budach knew it was time for a change.

His first priority was economy for his daily commute, so he researched online and did the math on costs to drive for several internal combustion engine options. But when he came upon a used Ford Focus Electric, he felt compelled to take it for a test drive. “I knew after the first mile I was hooked,” he said. “And considering the price was very reasonable and the car was in perfect shape, it was easy to tell the sales associate ‘sold.’” He was even more certain after a few months of driving electric. “No more exhaust fumes, almost zero in upkeep, a very sporty feel, great creature comfort items and nearly silent operation,” he said. He has since added another electric vehicle to his garage. While Cary had done his research on cars, he didn’t explore public charging options until after his purchase. He was pleasantly surprised. “Turns out KC is a very forward-thinking community,” he said. “I felt like the Clean Charge Network was being built just for me and my newly acquired EV.” He uses the network on a daily basis, at work and while running errands. Hosts of charging stations are first on his list when it comes to choosing where to shop. He also charges at home from his solar panels — providing for emission-free transportation. Cary appreciates living in a hot spot for driving electric. “With the huge infrastructure already in place here, range anxiety is not a factor. Work, school, shopping, entertainment, sports — they’re all outfitted with charging stations. I don’t have to add another stop for gas; I’ve already filled up while picking out avocados at the grocer.”