Clean Charge Network Innovator Wins National Award

Clean Charge Network Innovator Wins National Award

If you were predicting an EV revolution back in 2015, Kansas City is probably one of the last places you would expect to look.

But Chuck Caisley, Evergy’s Chief Customer Officer, believed making EV charging stations nearly as common as gas stations could be a key to adoption. He proposed the Clean Charge Network and the rest is history. In September, Plug In America celebrated Chuck’s innovation with a prestigious Drive Electric Individual Award

The Drive Electric Awards recognize people and organizations that lead and support the electric vehicle movement. Awards were presented in Los Angeles for categories ranging from lifetime achievement and advocate awards to student and city captain awards. Other honorees include a co-founder of Plug In America, a young EV activist from Maryland and the founder of Transport Evolved, a website and YouTube channel focused on electric vehicles.

The Clean Charge Network was the first major network implemented by a public utility. Chuck made several strategic decisions to support its success, all with the ultimate goal of driving EV adoption. He understood that every charging station served not just as a source of “juice,” but as an advertisement that would make the idea of an EV top of mind for anyone that drove by. Chuck also empowered his team to complement the infrastructure with a robust education and marketing campaign. Many of the initiatives implemented have become a guidepost for other EV adoption efforts nationwide. 

Plug In America Drive Electric Award
Plug In America Drive Electric Awards