Driver Profile

Cranston Cederlind


Jaguar I-Pace

Important EV benefit

Reducing U.S. dependence on oil

My biggest surprise is how much FUN it is. It’s a joy to drive, with great handling, braking, acceleration and the bonus of no engine noise.
Sometimes, the journey to driving electric starts in an unusual place. For Cranston Cederlind, it began with a broken-down gas lawnmower.

Why did you choose to drive electric?

“I became excited about the possibility of an electric car a few years ago when I needed to replace my lawnmower. In researching options, I loved what I read about battery-powered mowers. No gas, oil, spark plug, fluid leakage or hoping it will start — just put in the battery and mow. Noise is reduced by 70 percent and I could fold it up and hang it on the wall. I also bought an electric weed eater, blower and snowblower, all clean, quiet and no maintenance. So, when my car approached 100,000 miles, I thought, ‘All of these are great benefits for a car as well.’”

What do you like about driving an EV?

“Driving my all-electric Jaguar I-Pace is great in so many ways. I sure don't miss filling up at gas stations. I love the quiet and clean driving. The instant acceleration is perfect. My biggest surprise is how much FUN it is. It’s a joy to drive, with great handling, braking, acceleration and the bonus of no engine noise. I was somewhat leery about regenerative braking at first, but it’s one of the best parts of the driving experience. I hardly ever use the brakes and there’s no wear. And maintenance? I asked the dealer when I should bring it in and he said, ‘Well, maybe in a year we could rotate the tires.’”

Why are EVs important?

Driving electric is a must for this country and the world. We lag behind almost everyone in the need to improve our global environment. Eliminating our dependence on oil should be paramount. I believe our government should strive for zero-emission vehicles in this country. Public incentives and tax benefits have produced a 50% market share for electric vehicles in Norway. The U.S. should strive for a 15 to 20% share in the next three years.

How has the EV market changed?

I believe the ability to charge anywhere — and fast — is improving constantly. The Clean Charge Network is really promoting EV use in this area. Price parity is improving and every car manufacturer is now shifting their focus to EVs. The big car manufacturers may not have evolved as much without the huge 'nudge' from Tesla. What a job Elon Musk has done to enlighten the driving public to the huge advantage the EV has over a gas-powered car. I hope we continue to evolve. I hope three years from now, people won't stop me in the street and ask where my exhaust tail pipes are. I hope everyone knows electric cars are the future.

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