Driver Profile

David Blakley


Tesla Model X

Key EV Benefit

Charging overnight while you're asleep

I love the instant torque and acceleration that beats most supercars, the high-tech touchscreen interface, and the future ability for fully autonomous self-driving.
David Blakley’s commitment to electric driving is personal and professional. He believes so strongly in the reliability, efficiency and environmental sustainability of electric transportation that he’s staked the future of his business on it. As owner of Falcon Wing Travel, David uses the Tesla Model X SUVs to transport business travelers to destinations around Kansas City and St. Louis.

Why did you choose driving electric for yourself and your business?

“I chose an EV because of the advanced technology, immediate torque and efficient operation of electric motors. The transition was easy because of how much information is available, including owners who share their personal experiences on YouTube. Electric transportation is the only way to go for my business. We plan to grow to other locations in the future, because the potential of EVs for personal use and business is limitless.” 

What do you love most about driving electric?

“I love the instant torque and acceleration that beats most supercars, the high-tech touchscreen interface, the semi-autonomous driving it can do now and the future ability for fully autonomous self-driving. Plus, the Tesla X can fit up to 7 passengers! I use an EV to go all over town, visiting clients, family, friends, going to events and dinner. Because of the long-range and Supercharging network, I have traveled to destinations over 600 miles away and plan on going even further in the future.” 

What do you love most about the EV community?

“I love the community’s unity and generosity when sharing their love for the environment and helping others understand the need to use renewable electric sources.”

What would surprise someone most about driving electric?

“What surprises people is how convenient and low cost it is to charge around town and at home. Most ICE drivers have been misled to believe that charging an EV will make their day longer. But it actually shortens your day because you can charge while you're not using the car — usually when you’re sleeping. There are still some misconceptions about cost too. I tell those who think they can't afford an EV when you add up the total cost of ownership it costs less than owning an ICE vehicle.”

Why is driving electric important?

“Driving electric is important because of the zero emissions, low noise and low maintenance — and more people transitioning to electric transportation will help reverse the effects of pollution in our world. The EV is a superior alternative to all other options.” 

What has the Clean Charge Network meant to EV drivers?

“Other parts of the country are not as advanced as it is here. The Clean Charge Network has meant that EV drivers can always count on a charging station being available at destinations around Kansas City and surrounding areas. Plus, more people are being exposed to the idea of EVs—and that information being disseminated can help bring about the elimination of oil as a source of fuel for cars, buses and trucks.”

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