Evergy Clean Charge Network

KCP&L Rebrands to Evergy and Expands the Clean Charge Network

The Clean Charge Network has served the Kansas City region for four years and counting. Now, with the merger of KCP&L and Westar, the network is expanding its reach to include much of Eastern and Eastern-Central Kansas. The transition also includes a brand refresh to reflect the merged company’s new name: Evergy. 

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What will this mean for EV drivers? Plans include installing more charging stations along highways corridors in Kansas, like the nine stations that recently were added along the Kansas Turnpike. The Evergy Clean Charge Network will also expand its infrastructure in the former Westar service area. And, now all energy usage at Clean Charge Network charging stations will be covered by renewables.

Drivers can expect the same, consistent network across Missouri and Kansas. Signage on and around the charging stations will be updated to reflect the Evergy brand, though the Clean Charge Network name and much of its recognizable visual language will remain. The icon painted on the pavement will remain the same as well, so there should be no interruption in service.The transition of both companies into Evergy takes place in early October. The name is a combination of ever + energy, conveying both the proud history of providing reliable energy to our communities and the vision to innovate for the future. A significant part of that is a commitment to embrace alternative energy sources to generate more power with less impact on our environment. With the merger, nearly half of the power provided to homes and businesses is emissions-free.