UPS delivers on an electric vehicle strategy.

UPS delivers on an electric vehicle strategy

Electric cars are making news across the globe. Catch up with these five headlines:

UPS delivers on an electric vehicle strategy. UPS recently announced plans to deploy 50 plug-in electric delivery trucks, designed in collaboration with Workhorse Group, Inc. The trucks — expected to have a range of 100 miles between charges and provide nearly 400 percent improvement in fuel efficiency — will be comparable in cost to conventionally-fueled trucks.

Storied design firm will create a luxury electric “hyper car.” Italian firm Pininfarina has spent nearly a century designing Ferraris, Maseratis and more. Now, they plan to develop an EV to attract buyers who treat automobiles like art. Interested? The car is expected to carry a price tag of around $2.5 million dollars — with a production run of fewer than 100 models.

VW logo will change to accommodate the electric car era. The VW logo has remained generally consistent since the 1940s, with only minimal adjustments. But it’s due for a tweak next year, a strategic change planned — in part — to refresh the brand after the diesel scandal. The logo will be ready in time for the carmaker’s aggressive EV push, starting with the I.D. hatchback in 2020.

Lyft chief strategist wants to save the world with autonomous EVs. His work with the ridesharing company is his way of combatting climate change — with autonomous, electric, shared rides with shared ownership. The company is currently working towards the goal of providing at least 1 billion rides per year by 2025 in self-driving electric vehicles.

Uber’s main competitor in India promises to rollout 10,000 electric taxis. Ola aims to deploy three-wheeled electric rickshaws in several cities over the course of the year on the way to hitting a 1 million vehicle target by 2021.