Electric Vehicles in the News in November 2018

The Future of EV Design, a New Google Maps Feature and Other Headlines

The future of electric vehicle design is still very much undecided, while a new partnership might switch out charging stations for gas pumps. Plus, Google Maps’ newest features allows users to search for EV charging stations. Electric cars are making news across the globe; catch up with these five headlines:

Are EV charging stations coming to your local gas station?

One of the largest suppliers of fuel dispensers to gas stations has just invested in an electric vehicle charging company. This new partnership aims to replace gas pumps with chargers, minimizing the behavioral change necessary when transitioning to driving electric.

Google Maps adds EV charging station locations.

With a quick keyword search for “EV charging” or similar, users will see the nearest supported stations. The new feature also shows information about the type and number of ports available, charging speeds and driver ratings.

Miniature electric cars make the trip to the operating room a little less daunting.

Children undergoing surgery at a children’s hospital in England can now drive from their ward to the operating theater in a miniature EV. Donors and doctors hope the trip makes the ordeal a little more enjoyable for patients.

What will tomorrow’s electric vehicles look like?

A journalist came to the Paris Car show looking for the future of electric car design, but found little middle ground between pie-in-the-sky concepts and minimally-evolved versions of previous models. What will it take for designers to explore the full range of possibilities EVs offer?

Tesla acquires plot for first factory in China.

Shanghai’s Lingang area will serve as home to the company’s first factory in China, the world’s largest market for EVs. Producing the vehicles in country will significantly lower costs for Tesla. The factory’s first vehicles are expected to roll out in three years.