Electric Vehicles in the News in September 2018

EV Charging Lampposts, a New EV Sports Car Option and Other Headlines

The idea of EV charging lampposts emerges in New York City, while Porsche gives a production name to its all-electric concept car. Plus, check out the Flintstones-inspired EV ad you might soon see on your TV screens. Electric cars are making news across the globe; catch up with these five headlines:

EV charging lampposts win NYC climate challenge.

A German charging station manufacturer recently won the NYCx Climate Action Challenge by proposing technology that would retrofit city lampposts with electric outlets to serve as EV charging ports. (BYOC- bring your own cable.)

Flintstones-inspired ad kicks off Electrify America Campaign.

People are getting a kick out of the spot, which features a mashup of the classic Flintstone and Jetsons soundtracks. The ad, part of a $45 million brand awareness campaign, will run nationwide on television, radio and digital.

Porsche unveils its new all-electric Taycan.

Porsche hopes to sell an electric unit every minute by 2025. In support of that mission, the concept car formerly known as the Mission E will now be called the Taycan. Expected to compete with Tesla’s premium models, the car will go into production in 2019.

Making EV ownership more attractive to renters.

New data shows that homeowners are up to six times more likely than renters to own an EV. An energy economist believes more charging stations at apartments is key to broadening the appeal of electric cars.

Chinese electric car company aims to raise $1.8 billion in IPO.

The company started making deliveries of its first mass-market car — a seven-seater — in June. Plans include a sport-utility vehicle in 2019 and a sedan in 2020. The company has no current plans to sell outside of China.