Get to Know a Charging Station Host: KCPT




Host Profile: KCPT

KCPT has long been a guidepost for progress and education in the Kansas City community, so it’s no surprise that they were an early adopter of the Clean Charge Network’s charging stations. Five years later, our local PBS station is a shining example of how workplace charging can benefit employees. 

Since becoming a station host, they have partnered with Evergy on multiple occasions to help promote electric vehicles in the region, from member events with live concerts to the development of our driver profile videos. Read on for our interview with Jeff Evans, Chief Technology Officer at KCPT, as he discusses the experience of being an electric vehicle charging station host:

How did your commitment to electric vehicle charging begin?

In March of 2015, KCPT was invited to participate in a sustainability project sponsored by KCP&L, now Evergy. The project gave us opportunities to connect with others in our community to help create a more sustainable environment. 

How did your efforts to offer electric vehicle charging progress?

Bridging The Gap was a powerful force in the sustainability project. That organization partners with Evergy and others to help create a tremendous resource in Kansas City. As a member of their Green Business Network we receive frequent news about available projects. 

Why did you want to offer EV charging?

Kansas City PBS has always been a positive force for Kansas City and the surrounding communities. Our mission drives us to seek ways to help make a difference where we all live and work.   

Tell us about your partnership with the Evergy Clean Charge Network.

Offering the EV charging stations was an easy, simple project that also added another piece to our mission. We worked directly with Evergy who helped us define the space for the charging stations. Evergy did the rest.   

How have you seen electric transportation grow?

Kansas City PBS is a community resource. Our well known KCPT television station, The Bridge radio station and Flatland Digital Magazine are hosts to frequent guests. Our charging stations are available for use daily and they are used by our guests and several employees who have all-electric and plug-in hybrid transportation. Neighbors who live and visit nearby also frequent our charging stations as well.

What message do you want to say to EV drivers?

Thank you for your continued efforts toward the goal of a sustainable city. Also, to those who haven’t yet considered driving an electric vehicle, take a look at what is available. Every major automobile manufacturer will soon have an electric option. Driving ranges have increased well into the 200-plus mile range. You can drive for two weeks or more without ever having to charge your car: no stopping for gas, no oil changes, very low maintenance costs. Consider a better alternative when you shop for your next car.