It’s Just
A Car*

Electric vehicles are just cars, only better for your wallet, your schedule, your health, the planet, and our society. And with better performance and technology, they’re more fun to drive as well.

You’ll find that an electric vehicle (EV) operates just like your old gas-powered car, only smoother and quieter to drive, easier to maintain, and you’ll save time not stopping at gas stations. Whether you want something small and spunky, a grocery hauler, a work truck, or a family SUV, there are models to fit every lifestyle. Choose a card below, and discover all ways that an EV is just like the car you are used to, only better in so many ways.

Only Less to Maintain
*Only Easier
to Maintain.
Only It Fuels Up While You Sleep
Only It Fuels Up While You Sleep
Only It Fuels Up While You Sleep
*Only it fuels up while you sleep.
Only No Stopping at Gas Stations
Only No Stopping at Gas Stations
*Only no stopping at gas stations.
Only No More Smelly Gas Hands
Only No More Smelly Gas Hands
Only No More Smelly Gas Hands
*Only No More Smelly Gas Hands.
Only It's Energy Sources Keep Getting Cleaner
Only It's Energy Sources Keep Getting Cleaner
Only It's Energy Sources Keep Getting Cleaner
*Only it's energy sources keep getting cleaner.
Only Pre-Heat Without Leaving Your Garage.
Only Pre-Heat Without Leaving Your Garage.
Only Pre-Heat Without Leaving Your Garage.
*Only Pre-Heat Without Leaving Your Garage.
Only the On-Ramp is Your Launch Pad.
Only the On-Ramp is Your Launch Pad.
Only the On-Ramp is Your Launch Pad.
*Only the
On-Ramp is Your Launch Pad.
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*Only better for your

Electric vehicles are cheaper to fuel up, easier to maintain, and they run more efficiently.


Ready to reduce your gas budget? You’ll find that you can dramatically cut your fuel costs by driving an EV, with electricity costing a fraction of what gasoline would to travel an equal distance. Take a look at costs side-by-side with our cost comparison tool.

Easier to Maintain.

Hate getting your oil changed? Then you’ll love an EV. With fewer moving parts, there’s less to maintain. No more oil, spark plugs, starters, fuel injectors, transmissions or radiators. Yes, you still have to rotate the tires and fill the windshield wiper fluid.

runs more efficiently.

Did you know that most gas-powered cars can only make use of 12% – 30% of the available energy in gasoline? By comparison, an EV can efficiently convert over 77% of its electrical energy to power its wheels. Not to mention that with regenerative braking, you can get a free charge while you brake, or even coast!

*Only better for your

Electric vehicles can charge up while you sleep, or while you shop, play or work, and you’ll save time by not stopping at gas stations.

Fuel Up While You Sleep.

Why not treat your car like you do your smart phone? Plug in when you get home, schedule it to charge overnight, and wake up at 100%. If only it could brew your coffee.

Or While You Shop, Play or Work.

Charging isn't just for homes—with the Clean Charge Network, there are public chargers at grocery stores, restaurants, parks, and maybe even at your place of work. Being able to charge up while doing your shopping? Now that’s a time saver!

No Stopping at Gas Stations.

Let’s be were already running behind, so give yourself one less thing to do during your commute. You can still secretly stop to grab a soda and snack if you want, we won’t tell.

*Only better for the

Electric vehicles’ energy sources keep getting cleaner and have no tailpipe emissions, plus your kids will thank you one day.

No Tailpipe Emissions.

All-electric vehicles produce zero direct emissions, which includes smog-forming pollutants and greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide, so driving an EV can be one small step to fight climate change.

Energy Sources That Keep Getting Cleaner.

Evergy has a plan to work towards an 85% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions by 2035 by making significant investments in renewable energy, including the addition of 660 megawatts of wind to our generation portfolio. And did you know that every public charging station is powered by renewable energy credits?

Your Kids Will Thank You One Day.

Owning an electric vehicle is an investment in a sustainable future – a planet where your kids and grandkids can live out long, healthy lives. Don’t worry, one day they will thank you for it.

*Only better for your

Electric vehicles are better for the air we breathe, safer to drive, and no more smelly gas pump hands!

Better for the Air We Breathe.

If you have ever walked behind a car that is bellowing exhaust or been stuck in a crowded parking garage, you understand that air quality has a direct impact on the air we are breathing. By driving an EV, you can breathe easier with no exhaust emissions.

No More Smelly Gas Hands.

Hands down, one of the most unpleasant parts of a gas station is that handle. You pump your gas, fumble with the payment screen, and then you put your hands near your face and…yuck! One more thing you won’t miss after switching to an EV.

Safer to Drive.

That big battery is useful for more than powering your ride. EVs tend to have a lower center of gravity, making them less likely to roll over and improving ride quality. Moreover, in the event of crash, the probability of an EV catching fire is actually lower than cars with internal combustion engines.

*Only better

Many electric vehicles can be driven with one pedal, pre-heated without leaving your garage, or maybe even drive themselves!

Drive with one pedal.

Driving without touching the brake pedal? When a driver lifts off the accelerator, many EV models have regenerative braking systems that can turn their own kenetic energy into electricity, feeding the battery and effectively slowing the car to a stop.

Pre-heat without leaving your garage.

It’s a cold winter morning, and you want your car to be all toasty when you get in. EVs don’t need to “start their engine” to do this, so you can start warming them up from your phone (or smart speaker), without worrying about filling your garage with exhaust.

It can drive itself.

While a world with autonomous cars is not quite reality yet, many EVs have varying degrees of semi-self driver assistance technology. Autonomy in EVS helps bring efficiency in driving and battery use.

*Only better

Electric vehicles have an extra smooth ride, no engine noise, and enough torque to make the on-ramp your launch pad.

The on-ramp is your launch pad.

Thanks to “instant torque”, EVs can produce immediate acceleration from a stop. The greater the torque, the faster you get from 0–60, meaning you’ll have no problem blasting onto the highway.

An extra smooth ride.

With no gear shifts or engine vibration to rattle you about, an EV will give you a much smoother, calmer ride than you ever dreamed of.

No Engine Noise.

Because an electric car has no combustion engine or transmission, there are less moving parts and virtually no noise. In other words, you can finally listen to your podcast in peace on the drive home.

*Only better for Our

Electric vehicles are better for the power grid, avoid unpredictable gas prices, and reduce noise pollution.

Less Noise Pollution.

Did you know that sounds above 65 decibels can trigger stress hormones and that sounds louder than 85 decibels pose a risk of permanent hearing loss? Not only are EVs a nice quiet ride, they can improve quality of life for ourselves and our neighbors.

Better for the Power Grid.

EVs can benefit the power grid because they help utilities manage demand and maintain the stability of the grid by incentivizing charging at under-utilized times. To learn how you can save money and benefit the grid, check out Evergy’s Time of Use Plan.

No Unpredictable Gas Prices.

If you dislike not knowing how much your next tank of gas is going to cost, you’re in good company. While gasoline prices can rapidly due to supply disruptions elsewhere in the world or even just seasonal demand, electricity rates are much more stable.