Charging Station Host Appreciation Graphics

Our charging station hosts are partners in the drive electric movement — and they love to hear from you! Knowing that EV drivers appreciate their support (and, indeed, go out of their way to patronize their businesses) is incredibly meaningful.


We’d love for you to take a moment this month to say thanks to the host of a charging station you frequently use. You can ask to speak in a manager in person, send an email or share your thanks on the social media pages of a local business and/or their corporate headquarters. These downloadable appreciation graphics are easily shared on social media.

These appreciation graphics have been optimized to be sharable on Facebook or Twitter. Click on the either graphic to bring up the full size image in another window, or right click and download.

Printable ICE’d Notices

Our ICE’d notices have proved popular in helping to remind gas-powered cars not to park in spaces reserved for EVs. Print notices from this downloadable PDF or request that we mail a pad of printed notices to you.

Click on the image to download a print resolution PDF with three ICE'd notices on one 8.5x11 page, or fill out the form below to have a printed and bound pad of notices mailed to you!

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