Offering EV charging stations helps attract and retain customers, residents and visitors. Many drivers go out of their way to shop or visit a location with a charging station.

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    Appeal to customers who stay longer, return frequently and spend more money.

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    Save employees money on fuel and help achieve company sustainability goals.

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    Earn the loyalty of the growing EV customer base and drive revenue.

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    Attract new tenants, increase your property value and reach sustainability goals.

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    Attract new residents, help retain tenants and improve your property image.

Clean Charge Network Charging Station
Host an Electric Vehicle Charging Station
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    Step 1

    Decide what level of charging is appropriate for your audience.

    Level 2 charging stations are a steady and convenient option for drivers, delivering a charge of 10 to 60 miles of range per hour. These are commonly used for workplace charging.

    DC fast charging stations offer very fast charging — providing a charge of up to 100 miles in 20 minutes and are often used where speedier charging is particularly appropriate, such as along highways.

    A Level 2 charging station can range from $400 to $6,500+, while a DC fast charger can range from $10,000 to $40,000+.

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    STEP 2

    Find the brand/model of charging station that works best for your needs.

    ChargePoint is the most common charging station brand in this region and is utilized for most stations in the Clean Charge Network. But many other companies — including AeroVironment, Blink Charging, Bosch, ClipperCreek, SemaConnect and Wattzilla — offer viable options. Regardless of which provider you choose, chargers on the market cover a wide range of services and price points. Consultants such as Lilypad EV can help coordinate your charging station purchase and installation.

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    STEP 3

    Choose installation location and solicit the assistance of a qualified electrician.

    Most charging station providers run a circuit from an existing building service panel to the station. As an alternative, you can request a separate electrical service from Evergy to a customer installed meter/service pedestal. The request must comply with the company’s electric service standards and line extension policy. Just call 816-471-5275 and ask for a new service — a designer will respond within 72 hours to schedule a site visit and gather all necessary information to complete an estimate.

    For more information, review this report about the Costs Associated with Non-Residential Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment from the U.S. Department of Energy.

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