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Hosting Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Charging hosts are the backbone of the KCP&L Clean Charge Network. These businesses provide space for the installation of charging stations, and have the option to cover the electricity costs so charging at the station is free for customers. 

The host benefits too! Annual growth of electric vehicles is better than 100% nationwide — and a site with charging stations is an increasingly attractive draw. Offering EV charging stations helps attract and retain customers, residents and visitors. Many electric car drivers regularly drive out of their way to shop or visit a location with a charging station.

The KCP&L Network is nearly complete and no longer accepting host applications. But you can still request a charging station at your apartment, condo or favorite place of business through ChargePoint. Just follow this link.

Clean Charge Network Charging Station
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    Retail and Hospitality

    For Retail and Hospitality hosts, EV charging stations appeal to new customers who tend to stay longer, return more frequently and spend more money at your business.

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    Charging stations at Workplaces can save employees money on fuel, help achieve company sustainability goals and raise your reputation as a progressive place to work.

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    For Commercial Properties, EV charging stations help attract new tenants, increase your property value and reach sustainability goals.

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    Public Parking hosts will earn the loyalty of the growing EV customer base and drive revenue with the ability to monetize parking spots.

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    For Multifamily Homes, EV charging stations attract new residents, help retain tenants and improve your property image.

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