Join the Clean Charge Network

Kansas City is becoming a hotspot for electric vehicles, with more charging stations per capita than anywhere else in the country. By driving electric, you’re already ahead of the charge. And now you can officially join the club — the KCP&L Clean Charge Network.

Get the KCP&L Clean Charge Network card

Sign up today for the KCP&L Clean Charge Network card — it’s the best way to access the 1,000+ charging stations in the network. You’ll also see additional benefits:

  • Be the first to hear news about the network

  • Get invitations to happy hours and other special events

  • Enjoy perks like sports and festival tickets

  • Get access to the growing network of charging locations

Get the KCP&L Clean Charge Network card

Signing up for KCP&L Clean Charge Network Card will give you access to these special perks, whether you are a new user or already have a ChargePoint card.