Double up on electric vehicle savings with the Time of Use Plan.

The Time of Use Plan

Double up on your electric vehicle savings.


What is Time of Use?

Evergy's Time of Use Plan is an optional rate plan that rewards you with rate discounts when you shift energy usage away from peak hours. Schedule your electric vehicle to charge between 8 pm and 6 am to save even more on fuel costs.

Big benefits for electric vehicle drivers.

Fuel up your car for even cheaper.

The cost of generating energy varies by time of the day, day of the week and by season. Providing that power costs less during off-peak times, so we pass the savings on to you. You'll pay a lower per-kilowatt hour charge during Saver and Super Saver times – almost 20 hours of the day where you can get up to half off of your electricity. Plus you always save on weekends and holidays.

More renewable energy for your car.

Did you know that between 8 pm and 6 am, when electric vehicles typically charge, is the time when renewable energy sources are at their highest utilization in the grid? Shifting energy usage to off-peak times not only saves you money, it also helps advance our region's commitment to sustainability.

Set your car to auto-charge overnight.

Why not treat your car like you do your smart phone? Plug in when you get home, schedule it to charge overnight on your Time Of Use Plan, and wake up at 100% — a great way to start your day, with no stopping off at the gas station on the way to work.
Time of Use Weekday Rates
Time of Use Weekend Rates

Discover if the Time of Use Plan is right for you.

Learn more about Time of Use, try our rate comparison tool to see if you can save money, and if you're ready, sign up to change your plan.

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“Just making the single, simple change of charging overnight instead of after work can make a big difference. Now, we just set our timer to start charging at 12 a.m. I plug in and forget about it. It couldn’t be easier and — between our two cars — we have the potential to save almost $1,000 a year.”

– Adam Young, EV Driver

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