Time of Use Rates

You Asked, We Listened; Time of Use Rates Launch in Mid-October

You asked, we listened — time of use (TOU) rates are coming to Evergy in mid-October. These rates allow residential customers to save money by adjusting when they use electricity. EV drivers, who generally plug in overnight, are primed to benefit with a lower per kilowatt charge during off-peak hours. 

How and when a customer uses electricity has as much impact as the amount used. The cost of generating energy varies by time of the day, day of the week and by season. TOU rates encourage customers to proactively shift electricity use to when energy costs less. This also allows Evergy to take advantage of more environmentally friendly resources, advancing a sustainable energy future.

The TOU Plan rewards EV drivers and other residential customers with rate discounts for shifting weekday energy use away from the peak hours between 4 and 8 p.m. Simply programming your EV to charge up at other times at home can make a difference. 

The rates will be available in mid-October, only for home charging. Until then, watch for more information in the next edition of these newsletter and other Evergy communication channels. We’ll also be sharing more about the program — and opening sign-ups — at our Clean Charge Network members event in October.

Questions? Contact us at cleancharge@kcpl.com