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Toss Me the Keys — Charlie Keegan

Toss Me the Keys — Charlie Keegan

There’s nothing like getting behind the wheel to experience the benefits of driving electric. That’s why we tossed our Chevy Bolt keys to media personality Charlie Keegan from KSHB for an extended test drive so he could see (and show) what an EV has to offer. 

Check out a recap of his adventures.

  • Charlie’s first impression was one we weren’t surprised by—just how quiet an EV is to drive, even at highway speeds. 
  • His first test on the highway disproved the common myth that EVs aren’t powerful cars. He found the acceleration, handling and speed a match to larger, gas-powered cars.
  • Charlie plugged in at a charging station at Loose Park, highlighting the differences between Level 2 and fast charging stations — and the different needs they fill. 
  • After fielding inquiries about how long EVs take to charge, he asked Evergy’s Jeff Beeson about options. Jeff highlighted the Clean Charge Network, specifically the fast charging options. 
  • Charlie noted the use of regenerative braking in the Bolt and demonstrated the one-pedal driving experience. 
  • He showed a real-time demonstration of how to locate a charging station on a mobile phone app. The large number of green dots — representing charging stations — underscored the strength of the charging options in Evergy’s service area.

Toss Me the Keys — Charlie Keegan

Ultimately, Charlie enjoyed his time behind the wheel of an EV and didn’t experience range anxiety. He also noted that the transition from gas to electric was doable — and loved the idea of never having to stop at a gas station again.

What local personality would you suggest we toss the keys to next? Send us your suggestions.