Business Electric Vehicle Charging Rebates

Electric Vehicle Webinars

Be in charge

of electrifying

your fleet.

Get a rebate of up to $65,000 towards the cost of installing charging for an electric fleet.

Join us for our fleet electrification webinar!

A one-hour educational webinar designed for businesses, schools and municipalities.

Thursday, August 11
12:00–1:00 PM

Live Via Zoom

Discover how to get up to $65,000

towards the cost of installing charging stations for your fleet of electric vehicles.

Get the details of the rebate

and find out if your business, municipality, or school can qualify.

How to save even more with a business EV rate

as well as how to charge with 100% renewable energy.

A walkthrough of how to apply

for the rebate, as well as pointers for a successful application.

Tips on transitioning your fleet to electric

then connect with our team to set up an individualized advisement session.

Who can benefit from an electric fleet?

  • Businesses

    Businesses such as HVAC, electricians, automotive service, lawn and garden, pest control, grocery delivery, and many more!

  • Schools

    Schools looking to transition to a fleet of all-electric school buses.

  • Municipalities

    Municipalities that use fleets for city operations, as well as mass transit.