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It's a Bus, Only Better for the Environment.
It's a Bus, Only Better for the Environment.
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*Only better for
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Evergy and RideKC are moving energy forward through electric transportation.

In partnership with Evergy, the first two battery-electric buses in the RideKC transit service arrived in February 2021. One will operate on MAX lines and the other will rotate along other local routes, giving the entire community access to a quieter, more environmentally-friendly bus ride. Thanks to Evergy's Renewables Direct program, these vehicles are powered by 100% renewable energy from our region’s wind farms.


With no gear shifts or engine vibration, your bus commute will go a lot smoother, and because electric buses have no combustion engine, you can also count on less noise pollution both inside and outside.


All-electric vehicles produce zero direct emissions, which includes smog-forming pollutants and greenhouse gases. No tailpipe means no exhaust, so you and everyone in your community can breathe a little easier.


We believe in equal access to clean air, less noise pollution, and more energy-efficient transportation for all citizens. These new buses will rotate to routes throughout Kansas City, so all communities can enjoy the benefits.

Take a ride on Kansas City’s first electric transit bus.

For the Tech Curious:

Battery electric bus built by GILLIG and integrated with Cummins’ electrified powertrain and low floor platform.

150 miles of range, with a full charge in under 8 hours.

Maintenance-free fully electric powertrain.

Six onboard batteries, for a total capacity of 444 kWh.

Direct-drive traction motor with peak torque of 3500 Nm (2,582 lbs-ft).

USB charging ports at all seats.

Ready to Drive Electric?
Ready to Drive Electric?
Discover why electric vehicles are better for your wallet, the planet, and our society.
Looking to upgrade your fleet? Contact Evergy's Fleet Electrification Team to learn more.
Ready to Drive Electric?