UPS delivers on an electric vehicle strategy

UPS delivers on an electric vehicle strategy.

May EV headlines: UPS delivers on an EV strategy; Storied design firm will create a luxury electric “hyper car”; VW logo will change for the EV era; Lyft chief strategist wants to save the world with autonomous EVs; Uber’s main competitor in India promises to rollout 10,000 electric taxis.

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Tom Lesnak

Meet an EV Driver: Tom Lesnak

“I can safely say that the Kansas City metro seems to be so far ahead in terms of available EV infrastructure that it almost becomes a selling point for people coming to our region.”

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Sci-Fi predictions about EVs; did they get it right?

Sci-Fi Predictions About Electric Vehicles

Many 20th century movies have predicted big things for 21st-century technology, some of which have proven to come to fruition. Researchers are currently figuring out how electric vehicles will play into our futures. As for flying cars? We’re still waiting.

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