The Bolt propels Chevy into an All-Electric Future

2017 Chevy Bolt

You can easily argue that the Chevy Bolt is the most important car General Motors has ever rolled out.

The Bolt is a $37,495 all-electric vehicle with a range of nearly 240 miles on a single battery charge. GM took it from intro to the assembly line in less than two years, in the process beating the avidly anticipated Tesla Model 3 to market by at least a year.

With the Bolt, Chevy brought us the new car of the future: relatively inexpensive, with decent performance, also networked, and most importantly, plugged into multiple business models. Oh, and it’s manufactured at massive industrial scale in the USA.

The Bolt has been on sale in California and Oregon since last year and stock arrived in Kansas City in August. For a better breakdown of the Bolt’s premier features, click through to read a review from Business Insider.

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