EV drivers are people just like you who just happened to make a different choice about what they drive. Learn about why they switched and what they love about electric cars.

Sky Morrell

“My number one reason for getting an electric car was to help the environment. As a young person, I’m going to be living on this world for at least another 50 or 60 years, hopefully. I felt a responsibility to take care of the planet.”

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Lien Russell

“I did a lot of price comparisons when I was shopping for my car, and I found an EV was the same price as the other cars I was looking at. And, when you factor in the gas savings, it’s even cheaper.”

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Cranston Cederlind

“My biggest surprise is how much FUN it is. It’s a joy to drive, with great handling, braking, acceleration and the bonus of no engine noise.”

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Electric Vehicle Driver Profile: Al Pugsley

Al Pugsley

“Last year my wife and I spent $7 on gas, and that was for our lawn mower.”

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Electric Vehicle Driver Profile: Chris Young

Chris Young

“There’s very little maintenance…no oil changes, for example. Unlike internal combustion engines, you can hit the accelerator and get the full torque immediately, which makes highway driving and passing safe and easy.”

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Electric Vehicle Driver Profile: Nita Norris

Nita Norris

“I’m saving about $1,200 a year on gas, and the free mobile app shows where the nearest charging stations are ─ and if they are in use or available.”

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It would surprise people how much fun EVs are to drive. Great acceleration, quiet operation, no need to stop for gas and maintenance is nearly zero.

Karl Bloss

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