Charged Up EV Newsletter- June 2017

Charged Up: news about electric vehicles in Kansas City

////  New Website Offers EV Buying Guide Tailored for KC

Charged Up EV Newsletter- June 2017

A new website — — offers a one-stop-shop for those considering an electric vehicle (EV), tailored for the Kansas City market.

It’s also a convenient destination for people who already drive electric, and offers information and news about the KCP&L Clean Charge Network.

“We wanted to provide one place where people could find answers to all their electric vehicle questions,” said Jeff Beeson, who oversees marketing for the KCP&L Clean Charge Network. “From a lighthearted quiz to a comprehensive comparison of EV models, is packed full of useful, easily digestible information.”

Closing the knowledge gap is important considering that simple uncertainty about electric vehicles remains a key reason potential drivers haven’t made the switch. “While there’s a lot of information out there, some EV-specific sites can feel overwhelming to the general public. Or, the sites feature EVs that aren’t available in our region,” said Jeff. “ is built for EV drivers — potential and current — in Kansas City.”

The new site supports the advocacy work many current EV drivers in Kansas City engage in every day.

“People are growing more curious about driving electric, and we know EV drivers are working hard to educate those they encounter,” Jeff said. “Now, they have another tool in their arsenal.”

////  Meet an EV Driver: Amin Wahi

Meet an EV Driver: Amin Wahi  Meet an EV Driver: Amin Wahi

Amin Wahi has always been an early adopter, so it’s no surprise he sought out the advanced technology of an electric vehicle (EV) a few years ago.

Now, he’s recognizing the BMW i3 BEV he bought in 2015 has become the perfect commute and family vehicle. The car’s 70-mile range easily handles his daily activities — a message he loves to share with those driving gas-powered cars.

Amin is an accurate representation of the many EV drivers who frequently advocate for the drive electric movement, often using their own experiences to encourage people to consider an EV.

“For most people I speak to, an EV will serve their daily needs just fine,” said Amin. “In Kansas City, it’s much easier to talk about the convenience of charging in public thanks to the excellent charging infrastructure.”

He encourages people to notice the charging stations that are present in the places they work or shop, and stresses the time and money saved from not having to go to the gas stations to fill up.

Amin drives his EV 21 miles each way to work. Although his workplace features charging stations, he usually doesn’t need to plug in. (Plus, the stations have proved popular with other EV drivers at work, which is perhaps a sign of how successful he is at his EV advocacy!) He plugs in at home and then usually takes the car back out to run errands and grab groceries.   

For those he encounters who have questions about longer-distance drives, he points to the increase in fast charging stations along highways across the nation — and the affordable 200-plus mile electric car models that are hitting the market.

In Kansas City, of course, range anxiety is already a thing of the past. “The KCP&L Clean Charge Network has definitely given me and my family the courage to drive a 70-mile EV regularly,” he said. “We can take our car far beyond its 70-mile range in any given day due to the abundance of charging stations around the city.”

Amin loves waking up every day with a full tank and is thrilled a visit to the gas station is no longer a part of his day-to-day life. But he’s also happy to feel like a part of something bigger. “I get to experience an auto revolution in my lifetime. It’s exciting,” he said.

Interested in being profiled for our next issue? We’d love to hear from you.

////  Upcoming EVents and Activities

Upcoming EVents and Activities

We’re always out and about spreading the word about EVs. Mark your calendars for these upcoming EVents.

Art of the Machine Car Series — Electric VehiclesJune 18 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Kansas City’s River Market
June 18 is EV Day at River Market, as part of an ongoing summer spotlight on various automobile makes and models. Check out a few electric vehicles — or bring your own! Contact us if you’d like to participate.

KCP&L Clean Charge Network Family Day: Last week in July
Save the date for the next of KCP&L Clean Charge Network’s member appreciation event — and this one will be family focused! Thanks to all who joined us for the Futures Panel in May; the national experts shared some interesting food for thought about the future of EVs.

We’re always looking for places to spread the word about EVs. Have a suggestion for where we might go next? Let us know.


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