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Take Off On an EV Day Trip

Take Off on an EV Day Trip

Feed Your Curiosity Tour Think science centers and museums are just for kids? Think again! Start your day at Science City at Union Station in downtown Kansas City, which just earned kudos as the top family-friendly attraction in the city from Visit KC. In addition to the award-winning science center, Union Station is home to a…
Nissan Tops 400,000 LEAF Sales

Nissan Tops 400,000 LEAF Sales

First introduced in Japan and the United States in 2010, the LEAF was an early highway-capable electric trailblazer, earning the 2011 European Car of the Year, the 2011 World Car of the Year and the 2011–2012 Car of the Year Japan. It’s now available in 50 markets across the globe, with the U.S. as its…
Get to Know a Charging Station Host: Kansas City, Missouri Parks and Recreation

Get to Know a Charging Station Host: Kansas City, Missouri Parks and Recreation

Senior landscape architect Rodney Riffle shared some insight on why Kansas City, Missouri Parks and Recreation is a partner in encouraging EV use.   Why did you want to offer EV charging? “We began offering public charging back in 2016 at Loose Park. A significant part of our mission is to provide safe and healthy environments…
Drive Electric KC at the River Market

June 2: Drive Electric KC at the River Market

On June 2, bring your EV to the event and help show the crowds what makes EVs so special. It’s a great way to spread the word about driving electric — and an opportunity to spend time with fellow EV drivers. All EV models are welcome. Contact us to reserve your spot for this free…
The Advent of the Electric Pickup Truck

The Advent of the Electric Pickup Truck

While the internal combustion engine Ford-150 has dominated the pickup truck landscape in recent history, times are changing. Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas — known for his early call of Tesla’s influence on the auto industry — says the profitable pickup truck market is the next step in the electric vehicle revolution. A host of all-electric pickup trucks are hitting the market in the near future.
Electric Vehicles in the News in March 2019

Electric Flying Taxis, Tesla Marks a Milestone and Other Headlines

Boeing’s electric flying taxi achieves a brief test drive, while NPR ruminates on the impact of EVs on a gas-powered future. Plus, Tesla becomes the first automaker to sell more than 100,000 models in a year. Electric cars are making news across the globe; catch up with these five headlines:
What’s Next for Electric Vehicles in 2019?

What’s Next for Electric Vehicles in 2019?

The EV industry in the United States hit a major milestone in October 2018: one million plug-in electric vehicles sold. Sales continue to climb — four of the five best-selling months of all time for EVs occurred in 2018. Now, more than 40 plug-in and hybrid models are available in the U.S., with more coming available every year. Here are a few of the new EVs coming online or going into production in 2019.
New Year’s Resolutions for EV Drivers

New Year’s Resolutions for EV Drivers

As the calendar flips from one year to the next, some people turn to making resolutions to better themselves. But what if you could also make a New Year’s resolution to better the world by encouraging EV adoption? Here are eight actions you can take in 2019 to advance the electric vehicle revolution.
Charging Station Host Profile: Hy-Vee

Get to Know a Charging Station Host: Hy-Vee

Hy-Vee, an employee-owned grocery store chain, offers Clean Charge Network stations at the majority of its stores in the service area. All charging is free at its Level 2 stations. Hear from John Brehm, Hy-Vee’s national Director of Site Planning, who has been engaged in electric infrastructure for a decade.
Charge Your EV with Solar Energy; No Rooftop Required

Charge Your EV with Solar Energy; No Rooftop Required

Electric vehicles and solar energy are a compelling combination, offering drivers the opportunity to achieve fully emissions-free transportation. And while a study shows as many as 40 percent of EV drivers in the United States and Europe have home solar power, installing solar panels isn’t possible for everyone. Now, there’s another option — a new solar subscription program.
Electric Vehicles in the News in November 2018

The Future of EV Design, a New Google Maps Feature and Other Headlines

The future of electric vehicle design is still very much undecided, while a new partnership might switch out charging stations for gas pumps. Plus, Google Maps’ newest features allows users to search for EV charging stations. Learn more about EV news across the globe.
An Evening of Fun, Food and Brews with the Clean Charge Network

Nov 13: An Evening of Fun, Food and Brews

Come raise a glass with the Clean Charge Network and get to know your fellow EV drivers. Bring a guest and join us at Boulevard Brewing Company for complimentary food and brews. All attendees will receive a personalized glass to take home. RSVP today to reserve your spot.
Drive Electric Week 2018

Drive Electric Week Events 2018

It’s almost National Drive Electric Week — are you ready? It’s a great time to show off your EV at driver events or talk up the idea of driving electric to those you encounter every day.
Electric Vehicles in the News in September 2018

EV Charging Lampposts, a New EV Sports Car Option and Other Headlines

The idea of EV charging lampposts emerges in New York City, while Porsche gives a production name to its all-electric concept car. Plus, check out the Flintstones-inspired EV ad you might soon see on your TV screens. Learn more about EV news across the globe.
Free Charging? Thank Your EV Charging Stations Hosts

Free Charging? Thank Your EV Charging Stations Hosts

Charging station hosts are an integral part of the Clean Charge Network success story. Some of these hosts have taken the next step — offering free charging at their stations by working with KCP&L to cover the cost of electricity. “It’s just the right thing to do,” says Bill Maasen from the Johnson County Park and Recreation District, which offers free charging at seven (soon to be eight) locations.
Clean Charge Network Member Event: Volunteering at Harvesters

Member Event: Volunteering at Harvesters

Aug 28: Join the Clean Charge Network as we give back to those in need by volunteering at Harvesters Community Food Network. You and a guest can enjoy dinner and camaraderie with fellow EV drivers while supporting the community.
The Great Car Show

The Great Car Show

Jul 29: This benefit for the National World War I Memorial and the Kansas City Automotive Museum is a wonderful showcase for cars of all types. Bring out your electric or plug-in hybrid and we’ll cover the cost of your registration.
Electric Vehicles in the News in July 2018

Uber Promises a Premium to Drivers Who Go Electric, and Other Headlines

Uber is promising extra cash to drivers who go electric in a new pilot program, while a new study predicts the total number of EVs worldwide will top 125 million by 2030. Plus, will the next generation of EVs cut the cord? Learn more about EV news across the globe.
EVs get Better, Greener Over Time

EVs get Better, Greener Over Time

Looking for a car that gets better and cleaner the longer you own it? It sounds impossible, but thanks to software updates and increasingly greener electricity grids, it’s a reality with electric cars. It’s in stark contrast with owning a gas-powered vehicle, which over time can mean mounting maintenance costs, dated technology and decreased fuel efficiency.
UPS delivers on an electric vehicle strategy.

UPS delivers on an electric vehicle strategy

May EV headlines: UPS delivers on an EV strategy; Storied design firm will create a luxury electric “hyper car”; VW logo will change for the EV era; Lyft chief strategist wants to save the world with autonomous EVs; Uber’s main competitor in India promises to rollout 10,000 electric taxis.
Sci-Fi Predictions About Electric Vehicles

Sci-Fi predictions about EVs; did they get it right?

Many 20th century movies have predicted big things for 21st-century technology, some of which have proven to come to fruition. Researchers are currently figuring out how electric vehicles will play into our futures. As for flying cars? We're still waiting.
Brunch with the Animals: EV Day at the Kansas City Zoo

April 22: EV Day at the Zoo

It's Party for the Planet weekend April 21-22 at the Kansas City Zoo, so what better time to celebrate EV Day at the Zoo! We'd love to invite you and your immediate family to join us for brunch.
Clean Charge Network Events

Feb 9: Clean Charge Network Member Event with the Elders

KCP&L Clean Charge Network Member Event with the Elders February 9 Networking: 7 to 7:30 p.m. Performance: 7:30 to 9:30 p.m. KCPT TV Studio 125 E. 31st Street, Kansas City, Mo Join us for drinks, appetizers and very special electric performance by Kansas City’s own, The Elders. We’ll take over Studio A at KCPT-PBS and…
Clean Charge Network Celebrates Year Three

Charged Up EV Newsletter: January 2018

In this issue: /// Clean Charge Network Celebrates Year Three /// Meet an EV Driver: Karl Bloss /// Preparing Your EV for 2018

Clean Charge Network Changes on 1/1/18

Thank you for being a vital part of the KCP&L Clean Charge Network success story. Since the network debuted, KCP&L has worked to ensure charging on all Clean Charge Network stations was free to users — a benefit that helped kick-start EV growth in the region. After three years of free charging, the Clean Charge…
Coffee with Clean Charge

Nov 12, 15, 18: Coffee with Clean Charge

We’re always up for a nice chat over a good cup of coffee. Want to join us? On two afternoons and one evening in November, we’ll have a table and an open tab for coffee at a Roasterie Café around the metro. We’d love to answer questions about the upcoming changes to the KCP&L Clean…
The Future of EVs

Charged Up EV Newsletter: October 2017

In this issue: /// The Electric Vehicle Tipping Point is Rapidly Approaching /// Meet an EV Driver: Zachery Andresen /// Resources and EVents
Drive Electric Week 2017

KCP&L Charges-Up National Drive Electric Week with Parade, Events

The KCP&L Clean Charge Network is proud to support National Drive Electric Week, celebrated nationwide from Sept. 9-17. Several events are planned to provide an opportunity to explore and test drive electric vehicles (EVs). Jewish Culture Fest Electric Avenue: Sept. 10 from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. at the Jewish Community Center of Greater KC,…
2018 Nissan Leaf

2018 Nissan Leaf EV Delivers More Power, Extra Range

The 2018 Nissan Leaf electric car has been significantly updated with a more powerful electric motor, and longer-lasting battery pack that promises 150 miles of driving range, new driver-assist features, and a new exterior design. Despite its mechanical and cosmetic improvements, the Leaf faces formidable competition that didn’t exist when it was introduced seven years…
2017 Chevy Bolt

The Bolt propels Chevy into an All-Electric Future

You can easily argue that the Chevy Bolt is the most important car General Motors has ever rolled out. The Bolt is a $37,495 all-electric vehicle with a range of nearly 240 miles on a single battery charge. GM took it from intro to the assembly line in less than two years, in the process…
EV Chart

At the forefront of the electrifying America’s car fleet: Cities

Whether you live in Boca Raton, Burlington, Kansas City, Minneapolis, Pittsburgh, or Santa Monica, you’re likely hearing a lot more about electric cars these days. That’s mainly because their costs are dropping rapidly, and automakers keep offering new electric options. If you or your neighbor doesn’t already have one, stay tuned: More intriguing electric cars…

City Teaming with KCP&L to Provide Free On-Street Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Downtown

Three new on-street charging stations for electric vehicles are coming online in downtown, an expansion of a program sponsored by Kansas City Power & Light. The first station is operational at the East 9 at Pickwick Plaza apartment development at 933 McGee St. and the other two in the Crossroads District at Broadway and Southwest…
Drivers of the Future Learn on Vehicles of the Future

Charged Up EV Newsletter: August 2017

In this issue: /// Drivers of the Future Learn on Vehicles of the Future /// Meet an EV Driver: Amy and Ayax Ron-Carr /// Upcoming EVents and Activities
Brunch with the Animals: EV Day at the Kansas City Zoo

August 6: Brunch with the Animals | EV Day at the Zoo

August 6 from 9 to 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Kansas City Zoo It’s EV Day at the Kansas City Zoo! We’re inviting members of the Clean Charge Network and their immediate families to join us for brunch from 9-11 AM in the Lower Lobby, then spend some time strolling around the Zoo. Admission…

NBC News: The Electric Car Revolution May Come Sooner Than We Thought

NBC News reports that while the electric combustion article had a good run, electric vehicles are starting to take center stage.  “But a sea change is afoot that is forecast to kick gas-powered vehicles to the curb, replacing them with cars that run on batteries. A flurry of news this week underscores just how rapidly…

KC Star: Kansas City has what it takes to use energy wisely

The Kansas City Star reported that Mayor James has joined mayors across the nation to reclaim leadership on climate change. “These type of efforts are already paying dividends. Kansas City is ranked No. 16 on the EPA’s list of top cities of Energy Star-certified buildings. Certified buildings have to outperform 75 percent of similar buildings…
Photo of Volvo

Volvo, Betting on Electric, Moves to Phase Out Conventional Engines

Volvo Cars said on Wednesday that all the vehicle models it introduces from 2019 will be either hybrids or powered solely by batteries, betting that the era of the internal combustion engine is coming to a close. The decision is the boldest commitment by any mainstream automaker to technologies that represent a small share of…
Tesla Model 3

Tesla Says Its Model 3 Car Will Go On Sale July 7

Electric car maker Tesla says its keenly awaited Model 3 car for the masses will go on sale on Friday. CEO Elon Musk made the announcement Monday on Twitter. The car is to start around $35,000 and with a $7,500 federal electric car tax credit, could cost $27,500. Tesla says the five-seat car will be…

Electric Vehicles Can Help Cities Fight Climate Change

The Houston Chronicle recently reported on the benefits electric cars can provide to cities as they combat climate change. “We studied vehicle options available to Houston, which operates a fleet of about 12,000 vehicles, in 2015. Those options included two gasoline-powered Toyota sedans (the Corolla and the Prius), the natural gas-powered Honda Civic, the plug-in…

Utility Execs Ponder the Electric Car Future at EV Roadmap Conference

The Portland Business Journal covered the recent EV Roadmap conference, where KCP&L’s Chuck Caisley spoke on the topic of electrified transportation. “Transportation is the last non-electrified part of the economy, and the great news is that without any new technology, 80 percent to 90 percent of the charging can be done when we have capacity…


Kansas City, Mo. (June 7, 2017) – Kansas City metro experienced the most growth of electric vehicle (EV) adoption in the United States, for the second quarter in a row, and widened the gap between other cities like Las Vegas, LA and Denver. With a 78 percent growth from 2016 to 2017, the KC region has…

KC Business Journal Reports on Metro Leading the Nation in EV Adoption

The Kansas City Business Journal recently reported on Kansas City leading the nation in electric vehicle growth for the second quarter in a row.  “‘The Clean Charge Network provided the necessary charging infrastructure for drivers, but also made Kansas City the gold standard for electric transportation,’ Chuck Caisley, KCP&L’s vice president of marketing and public…

JUNE 18: Drive Electric KC at the River Market Art of the Machine Car Series

June 18 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Kansas City’s River Market June 18 is EV Day at the River Market, as part of an ongoing summer spotlight on various automobile makes and models. Check out a few electric vehicles — or bring your own! Contact us if you’d like to participate.
Charged Up EV Newsletter- June 2017

Charged Up EV Newsletter- June 2017

In this issue: /// New Website Offers EV Buying Guide Tailored for KC /// Meet an EV Driver: Amin Wahi /// Upcoming EVents and Activities
Greenability Weekley lists the top eco-friendly cars


Greenability Weekly featured the top-ranked, eco-friendly vehicles under $40,000 based on Kelley Blue Book. Check out their pick for the top 10 hybrid and all-electric cars.
Electric car growth KC


Kansas City metro experienced the most growth of electric vehicle (EV) adoption in the United States, for the second quarter in a row, and widened the gap between other cities like Las Vegas, LA and Denver.

KC Star Reports on EV growth in Kansas City

The Kansas City Star recently reported on how the KCP&L Clean Charge Network has impacted the idea of driving electric in the Kansas City metro. “There’s nearly a public charging port for every car in the metro area that could use one, an abundance rarely found elsewhere in the country. Planners figure there’ll be enough…

APRIL 29: Get Your Green On at the City Market

April 29 from 9 AM to 1 PM at the City Market This FREE, family-friendly annual event promotes ecological sustainability and green lifestyle choices. Participate in the Scraps KC USED SCHOOL SUPPLY DRIVE to provide re-purposed school supplies to ensure students in economically challenged schools have what they need for classroom learning. Bring used-not-new school…
The Clean Charge Network Futures Panel

MAY 4: KCP&L Clean Charge Network Happy Hour and Futures Panel

May 4 from 6 to 8:30 PM at the Crown Center MTH Theatre Join us for some drinks, appetizers and camaraderie — then listen to a panel of national experts discuss the future of electric vehicles, from technology and sustainability to the inevitability of the EV revolution. You won’t want to miss this intriguing look…

Charged Up EV Newsletter- April 2017

In this issue: /// Clean Charge Network Celebrates Big Milestone /// Meet an EV Driver: Colleen Gerke /// Upcoming EVents and Activities

Press Release- Kansas City Leads Country in Electric Vehicle Growth

Kansas City experienced the most growth of electric vehicle (EV) adoption in the United States, helping transform the region into a hot spot for electric vehicles and meeting a key goal of KCP&L’s Clean Charge Network.

APRIL 15: Prairie Village Earth Fair

Prairie Village Earth Fair, April 15 at Shawnee Mission East High School Electric vehicles will be a big focus at the show, with both the KCP&L Clean Charge Network and EV drivers coming out in full force.

MARCH 17-19: Kansas City Home Show

Kansas City Home Show, March 17-19 at Bartle Hall Learn more about driving electric — and KCP&L’s energy-saving programs — at the annual Greater Kansas City Home Show.

Charged Up Newsletter- February 2017

//// Tips for Driving Electric in Cold Weather It’s winter in Kansas City — and while we haven’t seen the consistently frigid temperatures the Farmer’s Almanac predicted, when cold snaps come they’re no joke.  All cars become less fuel efficient in colder weather, whether they’re powered by gas or electricity, but drivers of electric vehicles…

Charged Up EV Newsletter- December 2016

//// Free Charging Extended on the KCP&L Clean Charge Network Charging has been free on the KCP&L Clean Charge Network since its debut in January 2015, but free charging is set to expire at the end of 2016. While an EV is already up to three times cheaper than a gas-powered car to drive, free…

Charged Up EV Newsletter- September 2016

//// Interest in Electric Cars Increases in Kansas City — and Nationwide Pick up a newspaper or look around online, and you’re more likely than ever to read a feature about electric vehicles. People are talking — and buying. A recent Wall Street Journal article predicts “mass adoption of electric vehicles is coming, and much…

Charged Up EV Newsletter- July 2016

//// Fast Charging Stations Crop Up along I-70 Range anxiety is a thing of the past in the Kansas City metro area, thanks to the 1,000+ electric vehicle charging stations popping up as part of the KCP&L Clean Charge Network. But for EV drivers thinking about a road trip out of the region, planning where…