Charged Up EV Newsletter: October 2017

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//// The Electric Vehicle Tipping Point is Rapidly Approaching


The Future of EVs

The demise of the gas-powered vehicle has long been predicted. Now, new forecasts show the worldwide transition from gas to electric-powered engines might happen sooner than expected.

Researchers at Georgetown University believe that more than 90 percent of passenger vehicles could be electric by 2040 in the United States, Canada, Europe and other prosperous countries.

The new research comes as more affordable, longer-range models hit the marketplace. The Chevrolet Bolt is rated for 238 miles of driving by the EPA. Tesla’s Model 3 began delivery in August. A longer-range second-generation Nissan Leaf is now in production.

That’s just the beginning. Most auto manufacturers are now behind the drive electric movement to some degree, and many pledged to make only hybrids or fully battery-powered models in the future.

  • Volvo announced a pledge to produce only electrified models by 2019.
  • Jaguar Land Rover plans to be electric or hybrid by 2020.
  • Volkswagen announced a goal of becoming the world leader in EVs by 2025.
  • Toyota and Mazda recently created a new company to develop electric cars.

Governments, generally considered the most influential players in the global auto market, are making similar commitments. Nearly 80 percent are engaged in the phaseout of gas-powered vehicles.

  • China, the largest market, has announced a forthcoming ban on gas and diesel vehicles.
  • Norway will ban the sale of gas-powered vehicles in 2025.
  • Government officials in India said every vehicle sold should be electric by 2030.
  • The Scottish government will phase out gas and diesel cars by 2032.
  • The United Kingdom, Netherlands and France will enact a ban in 2040.
  • According to the International Energy Agency, these countries also have EV sales targets in place: Austria, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Portugal, Korea and Spain.

With these commitments, researchers estimate EVs will outsell internal combustion engines within two decades. That shift is consistently escalating; a new report from Navigant Research shows that based on current trends, EV sales in the North American markets will be 50% higher in 2017 than in 2016. (The revolution began earlier in the Kansas City metro, still the fastest growing EV market in the nation.)

Clean Charge Network drivers have always been ahead of the charge; now everyone else is joining in.

////  Meet an EV Driver: Zachery Andresen

Meet an EV Driver: Zachery Andresen

Electric vehicle drivers generally have a story about transitioning from a gas to an electric-powered vehicle — what delighted them, what surprised them and what they had to get used to. For Zachery Andresen, there will be no such story; a plug-in hybrid is the teen’s very first car.

When Zachery and his parents discussed what kind of car he might drive, the fuel-efficiency, gas station-free lifestyle and environmental benefits of a plug-in were significant draws. “The biggest advantage I saw was not spending money on gas,” Zachery said. Because electric vehicles are safe, efficient and require minimal maintenance, they are becoming an increasingly popular choice for new drivers.

Zachery’s daily commute to school is about 25 miles, and with his Chevrolet Volt he can get everywhere he needs to go with a single charge. He mainly charges overnight at home, though he loves visiting a Clean Charge Network charging station when he goes shopping or to the movies.

He’s relied entirely on the car’s battery so far, never needing to fill up with gas. And without having to pay for gas, the money he earns with his part-time job as a soccer referee goes much further. (He’s saving for college.)

Zachery learned to drive in a gas-powered car, and enjoys the smoother ride and silent acceleration in his Volt. Like many EV drivers, he’s found that seeking high efficiency is an entertaining challenge.

“It’s fun to see how the charge usage changes if I use my air conditioner or travel on the highway,” he said. “It’s become a game for me to drive more efficiently than the day before.” 

He often tells his friends that electric cars are the future. He hopes to see more charging stations at schools to encourage more young people to opt for EVs. “I am so thankful my parents decided to purchase a plug-in,” he said.

“No money on gas and I get to help save the environment? It just makes sense. I really think everyone should embrace new technology; it’s the future of transportation. My mom has already said her next car will be electric.”

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Charging Station Graphic Appreciation Graphic

In addition to organizing and supporting events, did you know that the Clean Charge Network provides relevant resources to EV drivers? This fall, we’re focusing on tools that help drivers show their appreciation to a vital element in the Clean Charge Network: charging station hosts.

At, you can find:

Appreciation Graphics and Messages for Charging Station Hosts
Our charging station hosts are partners in the drive electric movement — and they love to hear from you! Knowing that EV drivers appreciate their support (and, indeed, go out of their way to patronize their businesses) is incredibly meaningful. We provide appreciation graphics and messages that are easily sharable on social media.

We’d love for you to take a moment this month to say thanks to the host of a charging station you frequently use. You can ask to speak in a manager in person, send an email or share your thanks on the social media pages of a local business and/or their corporate headquarters.

ICE’d Notices PDF and Request Form
Our ICE’d notices have proved popular in helping to remind gas-powered cars not to park in spaces reserved for EVs. You can print your own notices from a PDF or request that we mail a pad of printed notices to you.

We’re also planning another Clean Charge Network Event in November, so watch your email for an invitation. Want to be sure you don’t miss out on future events? Join the Clean Charge Network today.


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